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About Shakti Capitals

Shakti Capitals is a online crowd funding platform, which helps individual and group of people to raise funds all over the world. It's provide there members 100% distribution equally. The owner of this platform is group of people who are associated with this platform. Who dream to become successful and see their future bright.

A New Way Of Making Money

Introducing a new trilogy of making money. It is Authorized Germany based program, which is latest, fully automated und highly secure with latest technology. Our highly educated and skilled Developers are managing and upgrading this Program. Company running its all servers and services from Europe having multiple branches in world to Provide powerful customer support and services.


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We want to shape the future with technologies for people, create values for people, and become a global company. We will be the best because we are committed to knowing our members and their needs. We will provide leadership and deliver services that consistently meet or exceed their expectations. We will be the best because will attract and retain employees who have the ambition to we serve and will empower them to work effectively as individuals and in teams.

Our Aim

Our Mission

To provide result oriented, well planned marketing strategic campaigns to our client companies while connecting creative Advertiser's and unique publishers.

Our Values

Our honesty, transparency, dedication, ethical values and users satisfaction will make change in the lives of the suffers through our innovative research.

Our Vision

To continually develop and innovate business venture opportunities in CoracleCrowd by providing high quality and diversified products and excellent services in a global landscape.

Our Promise

The formation and existence of a society depends only on the level of coexistence attitude of human beings there. If you look at the history of mankind, you can easily see this. But as we come through the ages of mankind, we can see from the circumstances in which we live today that most humans live by their own things. It is now forgotten or ignored that man is a social creature dependent on one another. The old people have no knowledge, but have realization. Now we have knowledge but have not realization. Fist thing is to make people aware that reality is we cannot live a minute without relying on this society.